Thursday, January 15, 2009

Preparing the way for President Obama

Bishop Blessings for January 15.......
With Holy Boldness
( A contemporary parallel to Psalm 97:1-12
based on the Daily LectionaryReadings)
[After reading Psalm 97:1-12 you are invited to think of tthese things: the upcoming Inauguation of President Obama; the present status of our country's rfecession; the demise, sahme and shambles of the wealthy; the scramble and struggles of the poor; the warring madness in other nations; the perserverance of ecological deterioration; and the instgability of people globally. In the face of all of this, the world joins the United States of America in anticipation and great hope in The Change that is about to occur. It is historic and magnificent. what will it take? Read Bishop Blessings everyday as you do your part to help prepare the way!)
vss.1-4 Who is this President who in leading causes many places in the earth to rejoice and be glad and be filled with hope?this man seems to stand on a foundation of doing what is right and just as part of his heart and therfore from the place of his authority.
Even though the thick darkness of the world's turmoil, wars, recession and decline are all around him, adversaries on every side are and will be smitten as his audacity - like lightning - lights up the world. Some will see the light and tremble with joy, some with amazement, some with pride and some with hatred!
vss5-6 Most High God, we pray that this President and his advisors will have conscious awareness of Your Presence, Power and Knowledge and allow these to be the Source of their individual and corporate efforts. May those efforts in every instgance cause the mountains of problems, trroubles and predicaments to melt like wax before them. May all people oof this nation and world behold and acknowledge the Source of our leaders' wisdom and glory.
vs 7 All people - big and small, significant and insignificant - who have worshipped their self made, hand hewn, greed grafted and ego driven idols and images are presently called to bow their heads in guilt. The present darkness is further cluded by the pervasive light of their shame.
vss 8-9 O God may the President and those who walk with him listen, speak and act as an extension of Your Divine Order so that all the people may rejoice and see the transparency of Your grace. May their intent always be to make manifest YOur Holyy Will for us in thhe USA , for the lives of people globally , as well as all of the earth.
vs.10 Only You are exalted over all the earth and no hand held or humanly conceived idol can compare with You. We know that You , O God, love those who hate evil; that You guard the life of the faithful; that You rescue them from the hands of evil and we thank You.
vss11-12 Now Holy, All -powerful, Ever-Present, All- knowing God - coontinue to bring the light of Your Presence to dawn upon The President and his advisors. May they have a sense of Holy Boldness as they seek justice and righteousness for your people of the earth. God we earfnestly commend them to YOu for they deserve the joys which You extend to the upright of heart. With Holy Boldness we continue to pray for The President and his advisors as we continuously give thanks to You, Creator and Source of our lives.

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