Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hope And Wholeness For America.....

....And Every Other Nation
(A contemporary message from Psalm 51:10-19)
I invite you to join me in making this your prayerful intention. "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and put a new and right spirit within me!" To do this is a commitment to try consciously stay in the Presence of God knowing that the power of the Holy Spirit is with each 0f us all of us 24/7 - in a user friendly way.
If as a person, family or nation we have lost a since of being whole, I encourage you to reclaimj it, especially if you are in the midst of some kind of affliction right now, with a sense of joy. Expect it! Keep a willing spirit to be interconnected with the Creator God, self and others. When we change our minds about our situation, acknowledging Divine presenc and Order, we change our lives.
Once the slightest change or newness comes, open your lips and declare praise for Fod. Do not be afraid or shy about giving ultimate thanksgiving and glory to the Creator God of miracles, changes and new
As a individuals and as a nation we must adknowledge but get beyond the limitation of our human efforts (no matter how outstanding) to acknowledge that SOMETHING (which I call Creator God) greater than you and me. This is sometting that hopefully religious and spiritual people as well as those who have not labeled themselves yet - will do.
The humility to reach to the depths of our soul, grounded in earth's energy, and to the height of heaven acknowledges the gift of universal life flow for each of us and all of us. when we do this we engage God's Love, Power, Strength, and Knowledge which God has provided for the world.
We are newly called to maintain and sustain these intentions indiviually and as a nation. By doing this we offer what the Psalmist would 'right sacrifices' which will usher in peace and good will for ourselves and for the whole earth.

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