Saturday, October 31, 2009

You're Invited to Give A Statement of Faith!

Every moment of your life, with every decision that you make..... the invitation is extended for you to make a Statement of Belief! Many adults live through many years of attending church - first with parents or by themselves. After a period of independent thinking and decision making which carried them away from the church, they return for marriage or birth and baptism of a child. Wanting something more for their lives , some go to church regularly.They listen to the familiar hymns, spirituals and gospel songs; joining in on responses sung and spoken, learning by rote appropriate creeds, prayers and rituals and often participate but are really unsure of the real reason why. The scriptures and ways of praying and shouting become a part of life - the intonation of the prayer or the preacher often has more meaning than the words being spoken,.

So much for what goes on in some churches. Once to every man and woman comes the moment to decide what it is that you believe and say about y our faith. Your parents, spouse, siblings and friends may have an opinion but what is your conviction- or do you have one?

Do you simply repeat what others have said? Do you have a reason or an experience which convinced you of the reality of God or the importance of Jesus in your life. If neither of these is your case.....what do you believe in?

If you have not thought about it much You are Invited to make a Statement of Faith, right now/ Do so by answering these basic questions to get started.

What is the Good News about Jesus of Nazareth and how is he relevant to your life?
Do you have a favorite hymn, spiritual or gospel song; a favorite passage of scripture. What is it?In what special way does it speak to you and your life?

Seeds have been sown in your life - seeds of faith which often begin to sprout and grow when we are older and for some still a seedling at 70 years old. It is never too late to grow! Many never nurture and take care of the seeds in for for them to take root and grow.

Wherever you may be in the deepening of your spirituality, God eagerly waits, right now - for you to say what it is that you believe about God; your relationship to God; about Jesus; about his life, death and resurrection; and about the Word of God? Speak your personal truth about these questions! Use hymns, spiritual, gospel songs and scripture passages to help you make your point.

If you need help, have questions or would like to share your results please write a comment and I will be honored to respond to you. Come on, let the people of God say so! blessings to you in this time of reflection, discovery and sharing.

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